Safety notice aeg-fx9

Electrolux requests that owners of the AEG FX9 / Electrolux Pure F9 cordless vacuum cleaner with certain serial numbers must immediately stop using the appliance due to a possible safety problem.

The reason is an issue with a component used in the product, which under certain circumstances may potentially cause overheating and result in the vacuum cleaner catching fire. The overheating is considered a serious risk that can result in a fire to potentially spread to adjacent flammable material.

Owners of the affected models are asked to contact the local Electrolux Service Organization to get instructions how to return the product and to learn about the solution options available to consumers (e.g. replacement of the product).

There has been no personal injury or property damage reported to date. Nevertheless, because the safety of our consumers is our top priority at Electrolux, we take this matter very seriously. We have decided to immediately recall all affected products of this range.

The following product batches are affected:


You can verify this by checking the model, product number (PNC) and serial numbers (SN). These can be found on a label placed behind the cyclone unit of the vacuum cleaner.


If you own a product with the respective serial numbers/product numbers, you must stop using the appliance immediately, keep it separate from the charging station and remove the plug of the charging station from the electrical wall socket.

If the model and product number (PNC) matches, and if it is within the serial number (SN) range listed above, and you have not yet been contacted by our local Electrolux service centre, please call 062 889 9191, which will give you instructions how to return the product and how to get duly compensated for the return.

Please note: Products with other serial numbers within the AEG FX9/Electrolux Pure F9 range are not affected. Other AEG or Electrolux products including any other vacuum cleaner models are not affected.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

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